Specifications of LUMAN-SHELVES:

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Sideboards: Choice of Round Top or Flat Top.
Standard Height is 180 mm with deeper boards to special order. Sideboards are anodized.

Legs are 80 X 50 mm with 3 & 5 mm walls.
This width is sufficient for sideboards to be joined on legs, giving extra strength and easy assembly. Legs are anodized. We recommend fixing plates on legs for bolting to floors.

Endboards are made from a a LUMAN bespoke aluminium profile. Endboards are anodized.

Crossbeams are a Luman design giving greater strength than what is standard within the industry. End crossbeams are closed on exposed faces. Crossbeams can be punched for fitting of overhead mushroom watering systems. An extra strong design is available for 1,400 mm and wider shelves..

Baserails are 35 X 20 mm and 7-10 mm deeper than standard.
Joiners are aluminium profile and pop riveted into position. Plastic joiners are also available [Labour saving at assembly].

Lorrie rails: Top and bottom lorrie rails are available in STANDARD or HEAVY duty profiles. We can supply extra support brackets at 750 mm centres if heavy electric picking lorries are being used.

Leg extension profile: We have a profile that fits inside leg profile. This can be used as a leg leveller or as a leg extension for structure support. [Luman Shelving will support the building, not the building supporting the shelving] See Photo Gallery.